Senior and Professional Google Ads Freelance

That should be the goal: not improving the CPL, or the Quality Score, or talk about CTRs or keywords – you want to maximise the profit you extract from Google Ads and Bing Ads with the budget you have, and prepare the channel to capture as much demand as possible. 

Let’s discuss how we would apply this on your accounts on a half an hour call. We promise: lots of value, not too pushy sales pitch, and a free audit. 

Maximise the profit generated with paid search

Fixed Price: unrelated to spend

Invest as much as you need: you won't need to pay us more

In-house? No problem!

We can work with your in-house team, or take care of everything

Transparent and live reporting

Nothing to hide: see results Data Studio and Budget Tracker

Seniority at your service

More than 10 years experience in paid media: we've seen a lot

What sets us apart from other Google Ads freelancers?

Google Ads is a crucial marketing channel for many companies, but it’s often managed as a set-and-forget system. This approach is ineffective, as the more effort and time you invest in it, the better the outcomes. Continuously improving data flow, expanding reach with more keywords, adding new targeting, and updating ads are necessary to generate more profit.

 Businesses must keep up with the constantly evolving competitive environment, so campaigns should reflect these changes. The goal is not to improve metrics like CTR or quality score, but to generate more profit. By actively managing Google Ads, businesses can capture online demand for their products and services and achieve better outcomes.

Strategy comes first

Strategy > Tactic: before touching any keyword, we understand the business, the category, and its buyers. We will use that knowledge to prepare the best technical setup for Google Ads campaigns.

We charge a fixed fee

We don’t charge a percentage of the investment, so the advice we give you to scale your campaigns won’t be guided by the greed of charging more – it will actually make sense to improve results.

Focus on profit

We want to maximise the incremental revenue of paid search in your business. Nothing else matters: other metrics (Clicks, Leads, Revenue…) are just leading indicators.

What does the service include?

The typical Google Ads journey

MONTH 1: we start managing your paid search without making big changes, but get really deep into your business, your competitors and your accounts. The idea is to really understand the situation between proposing any big technical changes 

MONTH 2: You start seeing improvements on the metrics you desire, we start executing the roadmap we defined, focusing on the projects that are projected to bring more impact in the shortest term

MONTH 3: We generally see 30% improvement on efficiency metric (ROAS or CAC) by M3, but volume might not be at the highest level yet. 

MONTH 4-6: CAC or ROAS is flat, but volume starts going up – of course, if that’s what you desire. And now: what’s next?


Strategy call

30' call to talk strategy and pain points
  • 30 min over Zoom
  • Follow-up with a summary
  • Low Sales-Pitch Vibes: this call will be about you

Campaign audit

We will review your accounts in 1 week
  • In-depth analysis
  • Summary of main findings
  • 2 sessions with your team to coordinate the implementation

Campaign management

We take care of everything
From 1K / Month
  • Includes in-depth audit
  • Bi-weekly catch-ups
  • Reporting and Budget Tracking Included

Why should you trust Fiera to manage your paid search campaigns?

Fiera is a performance marketing studio led by Mario García:

More than 10 years of experience working with big and international companies

I led high-performing paid media teams, having managed in total more than 60 million EUR in paid media spend

Finance’s Best Friend: we are able to provide a predictable revenue machine with performance marketing, offering clarity on the real impact of every marketing channel

We are a team: we have designers, copywriters and data scientists collaborating with us

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