Branded Paid Search

You shouldn’t spend too much money on branded paid search and retargeting, especially if your brand is new. You’ll miss out on opportunities if you invest more than 30% of your budget in these tactics. They are mostly defensive and will provide only small incremental gains in CVR. We know empirically that brand sales grow […]

Paid search is working

Your leaders tell you: we could invest more, can you please scale spend there? You’re all pumped-up and ready to go, but… HOLD-ON! To prevent future disasters, make sure you:– Track sales, revenue and profitability at channel level– Have automated guardrails– Have a way to quickly oversee performance trends– Have a strict way to control […]

Paid Search visitors

Only 5% of buyers in a given category are typically in the market at any given time. (source: When you run intent-based audiences on platforms like Google Ads, Meta, or programmatic, you’re targeting these individuals. This is necessary in a competitive market, and depending on the size of your audience and activation tactics, you may […]